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This is our HAPPY FAMILY BUSINESS. My name is Eunice Wang (as much as I wish I was related to Vera Wang!). I live in Houston with my husband, Ian and our princess (and monster), Mya.

I (Eunice) graduated in Australia with a Degree in Graphic Design and Ian has a Degree in IT from The University of Arizona. I worked for a few advertising agencies before I started our little online store. We are constantly thinking of WHAT'S NEXT. Our mind just won’t stop, it’s all about ideas, creating new designs, improvements, daydreams, surprises & creativity.

We believe in adding a little details would make a big difference. We’ve always wanted something better, something special for the little one =) To bring the joy & to think of the smiles from their faces when they received the gifts that were made by us, all the hard work pays off instantly~ Most of our ideas & inspirations come from our princess baby - Mya. From her playing, smiling, singing, dancing, reading or even while she sleeps...There are not enough words to describe her, she is our precious, she makes us both a better person ♥

We find such joy to create something fun & practical for everyday use, a little something to cheer up a stressful day, or even something educational to let the children learn while they play.

We wish to have 36 hours a day so we can have more time for our passions =)

{ Products, Designs & Ideas }

Rubber stamps have become very popular over the years. People have discovered more ways in which these stamps can be used. Moreover, creative people are hired to think of different designs of stamp that can be made, while some prefer to work home (like me!). Collecting various designs of personalized has become a hobby for many people.

♥ For creative people:
It make for an ideal gift for creative people. If any of your friend or family member has an inclination towards art or craft, customized stamp can be an ideal gift for their next birthday. These stamps can be customized by adding names or according to various other themes that you can think of. Many people use these to decorate their show pieces. These stamps can also be used to make hand made cards or scrap books. These stamps can be put to various artistic uses and this makes it a popular gift among artists and crafters.

♥ For kids:
It has become very popular among kids. Children use it to decorate their scrapbooks. These are also used by kids to make chart papers and attractive models. Many kids use these stamps to do their homework and to label their work. There are various types of stamp available in the market with various themes and designs such as animals, cartoon characters, and so on. These stamp can prove to be an excellent gift on your kid's birthday. You can also distribute these stamps as return gifts to your child's friends on his/ her birthday.

For wedding couple:
From Return address, RSVP, Save the date, Invitation, Briday Shower, Thank you, to Wedding Favor. You name it, we have it ♥

Now make your project extra special with our personalized stamps. Personalized Stamp is a very useful tools for your paper goods & definitely a perfect gift for yourself, your loved one, children, teachers, kids, family, friends, students, coworkers, newlyweds and everyone! Who doesn't love PERSONALIZED gift?

Rubber stamps make for a perfect gift. In case there is a festival and you need gifts in bulk, you can place an order for customized rubber stamps and get a bulk discount on it.
The most exciting part is - we do not only restrict ourselves within the United States, that being said, as long as you have an existing address somewhere on the globe, we can ship it to you just like that!

{ Our Mission }
We strive to provide people with a more graphics and interesting items around their lives. Most importantly, we want to let them know that the world is way beyond the bare static images that we see everyday!

Thank you for stopping by =)

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