We are excited to introduce our limited designs {Premium Exotic Handmade Wood Stamp}. (Yay!) Here's our baby - Beautiful Daisy with Cocobolo wood. 

These {Premium Exotic Handmade Wood Block} is 100% handmade and finished. They are REAL wood, not imitation or look alike wood block. The wood we use in this series are Cocobolo, Bocote, Eucalyptus, Black Walnut, Curly Maple and Curly Cherry. How excited~

Now let's give you an idea of the process of making these unique wood stamps. Each wood was handpicked and sorted for colors and quality. The woods were then cut into the individual sizes and planed down to the specific size needed. After that, they were center-drilled and counter sunk to accommodate the threaded nut. The next step is hand-sanded to remove any saw, planing or drilling imperfections. They were then coated individually with a sanding sealer, hand-sanded again to smooth the surface and edges. (I know, that's a lot of steps huh~). Two coats of epoxy coating is then applied and allowed to dry. Each block is hand-sanded before the final coat of epoxy is applied. The epoxy will provide mirror like shine and protect the wood for years to come. 

We have matched each handle with one of the 6 wood blocks. And you will be thrilled how good these exotic wood stamp looks like, each individual piece represent happiness & sweetness. Who could resist such a charming fellow? 
What's more perfect for a personalized gift? Perfect for her, for him, for the little one and everyone.

Now here's a little reminder: Every single wood block looks different in terms of grain and color. Afterall, they are handmade. Some of them may have its natural imperfection, which we view it as natural beauty. Some of the handles are breakable if abused or drop.

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