How about stamp this cutie on your greeting cards?

I am the coolest dog & greetings on the way! 

 Another piggie stamp, personalize it with your texts.

What squirrel says? Happy Christmas?

How about some gift wrap services?
{Last minute shopping & want to include your own note?}
Yes for sure =) We can ship directly to the recipient.

Sexy Black Glossy Box - 100% Recycled.

Christmas Gift Wrap - Red Box - 100% Recycled. 

Christmas Gift Wrap - Light Brown Kraft Box - 100% Recycled.
Christmas Gift Wrap - White Gift Box - 100% Recycled. 

Christmas Gift Wrap - Purple Kraft Gift Box - 100% Recycled.


Can’t make up your mind which stamp will bring a smile to a face?
Why not let the recipient make the perfect decision for themselves.

Here’s the ticket to the wonderland.
MyRubberStamp’s eGift Certificate is back~

A perfect gift from Santa
50 Dollars eGift Certificate from

{50 Dollars eGift Certificate from} 

I can't believe how time flies, it's almost CHRISTMAS, one of our favorite season is here soon =) We made some stamps for our daughter's classmates & teachers last year, each with their personalizations, lovely and unique. I still remember the happy faces and the super big smiles we received last year from the little one (and the big one too). We've got a long long list this year, how about yours?
Start your Christmas shopping now =)
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