Just in time to kick off the Christmas & Thanksgiving holidays, we are now offering a { Buy 4 and get the 5th one FREE } for a limited time! This is a great opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in your long list for holiday gifts.

Here’s an idea:
1 for yourself
1 for business / Etsy shop / online store
1 for him / her
1 for the little one
1 for buddy
many more for nephews, nieces, colleagues, best friend, neighbors, aunts, cousins, dad, mom, daughters, sons, friends, teachers, coworkers, newlyweds, students, family members, church members......


{ Buy 4 and get the 5th one FREE }

★ For our 5 for 4 promotion, instead of paying $160 for 5 Pre-inked Stamps, SAVE $32 NOW, pay $128 only for 5 Pre-inked Stamps.

{ How it works }

Pick any 5 existing designs from our shop MyRubberStamp, you will receive a proof from us prior to production, after receiving an "ok" from you we will proceed and your special custom stamps will be on its way to you.

{ What is a Pre-inked Stamp }
A Pre-Inked stamp provides 100% clean, consistent and crisp impressions. It is excellent for office use, businesses, wedding purposes, return addresses, logos and any text where the quality of the impression is most important.

Pre-Inked Stamp holds ink within its own ink-saturated die. There is no ink pad which flips up and down like a self-inker. Pre-Ink Stamps are always ready for action. Say goodbye to messy ink pad. Save time, easy to carry around and no more mess.

Our Pre-Inked Stamp is using Double Foam Technology. The inner sponge holds enough ink for hundred to thousand of impressions without re-inking. The foam can produce clean, even and consistent impressions. Pre-inked stamps are re-inkable using a oil-based ink. Reinking is easy to do by pulling off the handle and adding several drops of ink to the well.

{ Christmas Order Deadline }

[ USA ] Place orders before Nov 26th
• Regular Turnaround 8-10 business days.
• Priority Shipping 2-3 business days.

[ International ] Place orders before Nov 19th
• Regular Turnaround 8-10 business days.
• International Priority 6-10 business days.

So get your Christmas shopping done early =)

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