My heart was broken when I watched the news but it is worst when I see the faces of these beautiful angels on the news, it bring tears to my eyes each time I think about it. Being a mother myself, there are no words to express my sadness and deepest sympathy on this unimaginable tragedy, and it is even hard to explain what happened in Connecticut to my 3 years old. I told her if you can draw the nicest hearts on those paper with the names of the victims, and I told her that these little kids and teachers are with God now
and we will continue to pray for them, I've also asked if she is willing to share one of her toy with these children so they can play with it in the heaven and off she went to pick one of her favorite teddy bear....

 Cutting out the names....

  Mya drew some hearts on the paper....

We laminated each of them..

Punched a hole and put a ribbon thru it..

And daddy hung each name under a star...
May the starts shine upon your path to Heaven...

 5 teachers

 20 students


Our prayers & thoughts go out to the families & parents of those affected, you will be remembered and missed by the world....

May the love & peace of our Heavenly Father comfort you at this extremely difficult time!
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  1. Evelene S Says:

    What a beautiful way to handle your daughters questions. What a beautiful tribute!

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